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Our Promise...

When you select Aristocrat Travel to plan your educational tours or class adventures, you have selected a local, established company that has serviced the travel needs of this community for well over forty years. Aristocrat Travel is a diverse company that handles business, vacation and group travel activities with equal expertise. Our experienced travel counselors will design a student-friendly travel program tailored to meet your school's criteria with a focus on security, travel value and educational content.

Why Aristocrat Travel?

Getting the perfect itinerary at the ideal price is just the start of what Aristocrat Travel can do for your school's upcoming adventure. Careful consideration and substantial effort goes into addressing all the details that assure a completely satisfying, value-packed, carefree travel experience for you and your students. Aristocrat Travel focuses on the logistics so that you can focus on your students and having a good time!

The PRICE... How much will the trip cost?

Your pricing is based on a range of variables including the number of participants, the size of the coach, the destination's selected, number of days, meal planning, and attractions chosen. Our trip engineers work very closely with your lead representatives throughout the planning process to address these variables to assure a complete understanding of exactly how each consideration will affect your adventure's budget. Our primary focus is on value driven by an unwavering attention to the planning details required to assure the ultimate travel experience and safety of your travelers.

Our Commitment...

No Surprises... It's "ALL" Included! Aristocrat Travel, by policy, includes all transportation costs, meals, activities, taxes, and gratuities in our quote unless specifically asked to do otherwise. This assures that ALL our travelers will enjoy a worry-free travel experience knowing that everything has been taken care of. That means no out-of-pocket expenses for any of our travelers except for souvenirs, snacks, the occasional refreshment etc. Parents/the person paying for the trip only need to consider what the budget will be for discretionary spending money. In addition, for true peace-of-mind we provide the school district with a certificate of liability insurance providing substantial coverage for ALL the trip participants.

Complimentary Chaperones...

Every trip brings a different set of considerations regarding comps. Aristocrat Travel will work with you to show you exactly how comps effect the price per student. We provide as many comps as you determine necessary based on price and need. Your school policy, budget, specific circumstances, and considerations will impact the final decision.

Aristocrat Travel Tour Conductors/Managers...

Our quote "always" includes (Unless instructed otherwise.) a seasoned Tour Conductor/Manager that travels with your group to pay attention to the logistics/details of the trip so that you, your staff, and any additional chaperones you may have can focus on the students safety and having a good time. One or more managers may be included based on the size of your group and budget.

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Aristocrat Travel will help you develop a value-packed itinerary to the ideal destination for your class, band, team, or club. We will customize the itinerary based on your School's specific requirements assuring you the very best possible travel value. View our Sample Itineraries below to explore some of our more popular destinations! Let us know what destination will best meet your school's specific needs and we will deliver the perfect itinerary for an enriched, carefree, and memorable travel experience.

Historic landmarks, aquariums, planetariums and exhibit halls abound in Boston along with Major League sports of all sorts, whale watches, and every kind of attraction imaginable.

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No place else is quite like New York City and no other city has such a diversity of people and cultures. With over 150 world-class museums, scores of Broadway theaters, and tons of attractions, the possibilities are limitless.

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The sights and sounds of the nation's capital inspire millions of visitors every year. Packed with famous sights, free attractions, and an endless calendar of special events, Washington, DC offers year-round inspiring experiences.

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Our complimentary mobile app allows you to carry your full itinerary and destination guides in your pocket!

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